Since 2013, we’ve been living a great adventure. Every month, we developed new partnerships with hotels & influencers all across the world. And we gained much more than what we expected. Thanks to you, we built up an awesome community of more than 150 hotels & 3000 influencers, creating & sharing amazing stories everyday.

Due to professional and personal choices we decided to stop the project. We are really thankful about what you brought us and we hope to meet you all again for new opportunities. Before leaving for good we wanted to present you two amazing partners that we really believe in. We hope it will help you and will change a bit the destiny of travel influence marketing.


The Travlr Agency is creating custom made events between brands and influencers, in the best places on earth.


Buzz&Go is the first platform connecting influencers with travel brands helping them to organize their own trips.


Hugo Marchand

Sebastien Felix

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